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Infrared Sauna Therapy 30 minutes


Relax and detoxify with our full spectrum infrared sauna treatment. Unlike traditional saunas, our CLEARLIGHT sauna uses FAR, NEAR and MID infrared technology to produce the same infrared heat produced by the sun without the stifling and suffocating feeling of traditional saunas. Infrared sauna treatment can help increase metabolism and circulation, aid in weight loss, relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system, all with virtually no EMF/ELF!

Ruby Massage 60|90 minutes


The Ruby Massage is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Customized to meet your individual needs, our expertly trained therapists will address areas of pain and tension while helping you achieve a state of blissful relaxation.

Renewal CBD Massage


Experience a relaxing massage with a feathery, light-as-air body mousse – infused with skin nourishing botanical oils plus fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil – rich in cannabinoids and over 15 vitamins and minerals. Your skin will drink in the U.S. grown, non-GMO soy and safflower oils with skin repairing fatty acids, as the skin-restoring antioxidant retinol helps to nourish, smooth and firm.

Hot Stone Massage 60|90 minutes


Soothe and relax tired and achy muscles with a hot stone massage. This deliciously warm and therapeutic treatment does more than just make you feel amazing, it also helps to ease joint pain and stiffness and improves circulation.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage 60|90 minutes


Experience deep relaxation as warm and soothing salt stones activate your parasympathetic nervous system and soothe your muscles and skin with naturally occurring minerals.

Prenatal Massage 60 minutes


Pregnancy is a magical time often accompanied by a whole host of aches, pains and fatigue. Allow our expertly trained therapists help you relieve the less than magical parts of this beautiful journey and prepare to welcome your new baby into the world refreshed, renewed and relaxed.

Bridal Bliss Packages            

Allow Ruby Soul to share in your prenuptial joy! We would love to put together a bridal package customized to fit your budget. We can help with everything from a bachelorette party filled with yoga and pampering to bridesmaids gifts. Give us a call to create your perfect bridal package today!

Massage Enhancements

Add any of the following treatments to one of the above services to enhance your massage experience and deepen your relaxation.

Dry Exfoliation         $10

This full body exfoliation treatment will leave your skin glowing and softer than ever before.

Agave Nectar Warm Oil Scalp Treatment        $10

Moisturize and nourish your hair while enjoying this soothing and relaxing warm oil treatment for your scalp.

Honey Heel Scrub & Glaze Foot Treatment              $15

Revitalize tired and sore feet with the deeply moisturizing foot glaze to get that freshly pedicured look in a hurry.

Aromatherapy          $5

Choose up to three soothing essential oils to enhance your massage and awaken your senses.

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