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Ruby Soul Yoga & Spa Response to COVID-19 Mandates

Dear Friends,
The entire mission of Ruby Soul is to provide a safe and healthy place for people to come together in the practice of restoring balance and improving their health. We take this mission very seriously. Many within our little community of students, clients and employees fall into the category of those at highest risk for COVID-19. For those of us not in that category, we almost certainly have someone in our life/home that is. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety and health of all at this time.
With very heavy hearts, we announce that Ruby Soul Yoga, Spa & Juice Bar will be temporarily closed in compliance with public health recommendations and the governor’s mandate for recreational business such as ours to close to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please know this decision is not easy for us. The 12 amazing ladies who make up your Ruby Soul team of teachers, massage therapists and friendly front desk staff have poured their hearts and souls into creating a safe and therapeutic space for all of us. The thought of not seeing each of you in person each day makes us incredibly sad, even though we feel strongly it’s the right thing to do.
We realize that during this time, we need our yoga and meditation practices more than ever. We are currently finalizing details to live stream and pre-record our yoga classes to bring them to our students as scheduled each day. Our current understanding is we will be able to utilize our MindBody software and Ruby Soul app as usual to register for classes and track memberships and class packages. After registering for class, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to live stream the class. We will also be offering a variety of pre-recorded classes and meditation practices led by our Ruby Soul teachers. More specific details will follow this afternoon in a separate email. Please check your profile in the Ruby Soul app to ensure we have the correct email address for you.
During this temporary closure, we will not be able to offer spa services or infrared sauna sessions. Our Juice Bar will also be closed during this time.
At the end of March, Ruby Soul is celebrating 6 months in business. The support and love we have received from our community has blessed us in countless ways since the day we opened our doors. Facing a challenge like this was not something we could ever have prepared or planned for. We are hopeful that with your continued support, we will be back to business as usual shortly and stronger than ever.
Please stay well and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Much love,
Wendy, Aimee and the Ruby Soul Team


Yoga is the heart of Ruby Soul and we truly believe yoga is for EVERY body. We offer a wide variety of classes tailored to every experience level and body type. Come check us out. Yoga will change your life. Namaste.


Self-care is a must and massage is an important element of self-care that pairs beautifully with yoga. Our massage therapists are expertly trained to help you address areas of pain AND help you relax. Prioritize your self-care and book a massage today!

Infrared Sauna.

The research is abundant and hard to argue with: the therapeutic benefits of infrared therapy are remarkable. Our infrared sauna uses full spectrum FAR, NEAR and MID infrared waves to help you detoxify, heal, and relax your body without the intense and overwhelming heat of a traditional sauna. Book a session in our Infrared Sauna today and experience the health benefits for yourself!

Juice Bar.

Since we are talking about self-care, we can’t forget to mention nutrition and healthy eating! Stop by the Ruby Soul Juice & Smoothie bar for a refreshing and nourishing drink or bowl to help fuel your body.  We can also create a custom juice cleanse, just for you! Everything served at the Ruby Soul Juice & Smoothie bar is 100% gluten free.

Schedule Classes Online

You are crazy busy and always on the go…we get it! To make setting time aside for your self-care a little easier, we offer a custom Ruby Soul app where you can quickly find, register and pay for classes or services right from your phone or mobile device. Just like that!

New to yoga? We’re Here to Help.

At Ruby Soul, we believe yoga is for EVERY body. We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops tailored to all experience levels. We offer intro classes as well as immersive beginner’s yoga workshops. We specialize in helping our students develop a personal practice that best fits their individual body type and overall wellness goals. Give us a try!

Building a Community

Our goal at Ruby Soul is to build a diverse and supportive community of people who practice yoga regularly because it makes them feel better! We are here to support and encourage you at every step of your yoga journey.

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